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Welcome to the Travis Fimmel Online Photo Gallery! I've had this site for quite awhile now, but was never truly satisfied with how the end results were turning out, so never published it. Recently I decided I'd give it another go, and I think this layout turned out quite nicely. So we'll see how well this site is received with the other Travis fans out there. ;)

I myself have been a fan for over a year now, ever since I saw Travis in People magazine last summer. I must say, before I saw him I was very much against men with long hair- I had never, ever liked one and if I had, I would have hoped that he would cut it. Well, when I saw Travis standing there, twisting the ring on his finger, let's just say it opened my eyes. I've been obsessed ever since.

Over the months since I became a fan, I have saved and organized every new picture of Travis I come across, but I have had to go to many different sources to aquire them. At some point along the way I thought how neat it would be to make a website that was dedicated entirely to providing all of Travis' pictures in one place. I figured I'd try it. And that's how this teensy little fansite came to be.

Okay, now a brief overview of the site:

Bio: Includes facts, trvia, and a biography.
Galleries: Calvin Klein, Magazines, Naturals, Randoms, Tarzan.
Links: Other Travis Fimmel fansites and online profiles, online videos, Tarzan and Jane links, and related mailing lists.
News: Updates on both Travis and the site. 7-19-2003
Contact Travis: An address where you can send Travis fanmail.
Fun Stuff: Random things like wallpapers, avatars, and even the Crave screensaver. Coming soon!
Forum: The site's message board. Please feel free to join! =)

So on a final note I am going to state that this site is a fansite and is in no way affiliated or connected to Travis Fimmel himself. I have no way of contacting him personally (aside from an address for fanmail) and cannot relay him messages or questions. Also, none of the images you see here are mine, so please do not claim them for your own use. No infringement is meant by this site- if you see anything here that is yours, please contact me and I will either delete the image from my site or give you credit for them.

Thank you for visiting! =)



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