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Below is a list of links to Travis Fimmel sites, Tarzan and Jane sites, and related Yahoo! Groups. If you run or know of a site or mailing list that isn't mentioned here and would like me to add it to this page, please send me an email with the link. Thanks! =)


¤ Travis - websites¤

Travis Fimmel - The best place to go if you're looking for news on Travis, especially when it comes to new pictures. The photo gallery is immense.
Travis Fimmel Fansite - Probably the oldest Travis fansite to date. Great place for beginner fans.
HELLO! Profiles - Travis Fimmel - Good online profile of Travis with some interesting facts.
Model Watch - Travis Fimmel - Loaded with Travis trivia and a detailed biography.
The Official Travis Fimmel Fanlisting - Exactly what it sounds like; the Travis fimmel online fanlisting.


¤ Travis - videos ¤

MSN interview - Great interview from 2002. It really shows his personality and attitude towards fame.
New WB Stars - About 1/3 of this interview is with Travis and Sarah Wayne Callies as a promotion for the new Tarzan series. (To view the video, search out 'Travis Fimmel' and click on the link displayed.)
The WB's Tarzan - Travis Fimmel - A nice little ad from the WB site about Travis being on the cover of TV Guide.
Tarzan trailer - A 10 second trailer of Tarzan from CNN.

Venting moment: If the Crave site were still up and running, I would be able to add a link to the commercials they had uploaded (the Exclusive Internet Version in particular). But noooo… It's been taken down as of earlier this year. So now we'll probably never see the videos again because there was no way to download them while they were available. Okay, I'm done now. Thank you for bearing with me.

¤ Tarzan sites¤

Tarzan the Series - The first fansite dedicated to the new WB series. On first glance one would think it was the official site. ;)
I Belong With You - Beautiful fansite with lots of pictures and information.
Tarzan and Jane - Another fantasic Tarzan site. =)


¤ Yahoo! Groups ¤




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